In 2015, after 10 years of serving tea to cafes, restaurants and hotels, we gifted ourselves a 10th birthday present. Our first ever bricks and mortar store and brew bar is now open in the bustling South Melbourne Market. We couldn’t be happier surrounded by all the fresh produce. It fits with our philosophy of 100 per cent fresh tea.  

Just as you source your fresh fruit and vegetables we believe you should be able to smell and experience tea before you buy it. That’s why we’ve custom-built an in store brew bar staffed by a team of tea lovers. They’ll make you the ideal cup of tea, brewed at the right temperature, for the optimum amount of time, and served in the ultimate cup. Cold brew teas are also on tap to clarify, invigorate and refresh.

Designed by Melbourne-based interior designers and architects, the store combines exposed brick with warm lights. Eighty types of tea from around the world sit on industrial-style shelving alongside a collection of complementary Tea Drop tea tools and gifts.



“Ahhh.” That’s how we felt when we shed our old skin for a new one. We now look fresh, light, simple and artisanal, which is exactly how we go about our business. Thank you to the Melbourne-based Salmon Design who helped us turn our values into something we can see.

Our packaging might look simple but we’ve thought about it a lot. Inspired by the culture and sophistication of paper folding, our origami boxes unfold to reveal the tea within.