100% biodegradable pyramid tea bags

Gone are the days where you would just pop a regular square tea bag into your cup, add boiling water and milk, stir it a few times and then drink it. There's a more sophisticated way to now choose and drink your daily cup of tea and Tea Drop are ... read more.

Wholesale Tea

Our expert tea buyer continually searches the globe to find the finest quality artisan loose leaf tea growers. We take the tea leaves from these growers and blend them using our own recipe of herbs and spices to create a range of high-quality ... read more.

Turmeric Tea from Tea Drop

The team at Tea Drop are the embodiment of the modern tea experience, and this is evident in our range of turmeric blends for winter. Well crafted, authentic and of the finest quality, turmeric tea has many advantages ... read more.

The importance of providing quality hotel tea

Every hotelier worth his or her salt knows the importance of a welcoming room full of home comforts. Hotel tea is an especially vital product to stock up on in this regard, along with a decent working kettle, sugar, milk and, of course, a delicious ... read more.

Tea Gift Sets

As a delicious and natural product with a fascinating heritage, tea can be an excellent gift for almost anyone for any occasion. Our tea gift sets are beautifully packaged and designed for special occasions, such as Christmas, mother’s day and ... read more.

Tea Drop Original Green Tea Matcha

Our Ceremonial Original Green Tea Matcha is available online and wholesale. To create a pure Japanese full flavoured matcha. It is so versatile that you can enjoy its unique umami flavour by infusing it with your favourite dishes in your menu ... read more.

Hand-picked tea

At Tea Drop, our range of hand-picked tea is assembled from the finest tea growers across the world. We take care to select only the finest hand-picked tea from our partners, ensuring each leaf is picked by hand which helps to prevent bruising of ... read more.

Enjoy Luxury with Loose Leaf Tea

When it is time to sit back, relax and take a moment to yourself this winter, it is time to have a cup of Tea Drop loose leaf tea. Whether you want something fruity, something rich and luxurious or something more traditional, you can fight back the ... read more.

Tea Drop slim teas

There's something incredibly therapeutic about wrapping your hands around a heart-warming mug of delicious tea. It’s an ancient ritual that still thrives today: the rich aroma, taste and warmth of a finely crafted blend of tea ... read more.

Tea Drop - the wholesale tea specialists

Have you noticed the ever-increasing chill in the air as winter creeps into every corner? It’s the time of year where you welcome your favourite cup of tea a little more passionately. Its fortifying warmth and distinct health benefits support you ... read more.

Warm your body and soul with Chinese tea

Chinese culture has always had a high emphasis on tea making and its ceremony. At Tea Drop we have taken that experience and worked with traditional tea makers to source some of the finest quality Chinese tea blends on the market ... read more.

Chai tea

At Tea Drop, we are committed to offering our customers and clients top quality products that provide both luxury and affordability. Our selection of chai teas, which include loose leaf chai teas, chai latte, chai concentrate and sticky chai ... read more.

Warm up from the inside out this winter

Now that the days are getting shorter, the mornings cooler and the nights crisp, it can only mean one thing - it’s time to settle into tea-drinking weather. For some people, settling in with a loose leaf breakfast tea in the morning, or ending the ... read more.

Tips for Opening a Tearoom and Where to Find Flavored Iced Tea Bags, Cold Loose Leaf Tea, Iced Chai Latte, Iced Matcha Latte in Australia

Besides water, tea is consumed more widely than any other beverage in the world. It can be served hot or cold and comes in many varieties; customers can easily find an iced matcha latte, iced chai latte, or a simple but delicious flavored iced tea ... read more.

Why You Should Be Drinking Sticky, Honey, or Spiced Chai Tea Every Day

Long before matcha became popular, tea enthusiasts were enjoying chai, a spiced beverage with origins in 1920s India that made its way into mainstream Western culture in the 1990s. The word “chai” translates to “tea”—as such, you may also hear ... read more.