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One of the best things about opening our new store in the South Melbourne Market has been custom building our very own, first of its kind, Brew Bar. Smartly designed, always well stocked and staffed by tea enthusiasts, the Brew Bar is a place for experimentation and Olympic-level tea preparation. From scales for weighing the perfect amount of leaves, to petri dishes revealing the ingredients of each blend, the Brew Bar’s gadgets and gizmos can help us all learn about best tea practice.

In collaboration with a friendly microbrewery we’ve also custom-built cold brew taps into the Brew Bar’s counter. Cold brew involves a 24-hour extraction process followed by a dose of nitrogen, resulting in a taste that’s refreshing, healthy and light. From these taps we’ll be serving a rotating selection of seasonal cold brew tea blends hard to find anywhere else in Melbourne. 

Our Brew Bar is located at Shop #34, South Melbourne Market, corner of Cecil & Coventry Street, Victoria 3205.