Chai tea

At Tea Drop, we are committed to offering our customers and clients top quality products that provide both luxury and affordability. Our selection of chai teas, which include loose leaf chai teas, chai latte, chai concentrate and sticky chai, are a fabulous choice for the discerning tea lover, offering deep, earthy flavours and an aroma that is sure to beat off the winter blues this season. Chai tea is full of aromatic spices and a sweet, rich flavour that really is hard to resist.

What’s more, we work with the best cafes and restaurants around to make sure our consumers can enjoy our products in top quality surroundings. If you want to embrace the up and coming modern tea movement, head down to one of our many partner cafes or restaurants this winter to make the most of our premium teas, or head to our online store to look for your favourite teas.

Ethically sourced products
Our chai range is ethically sourced from Sri Lanka and Australia. We are dedicated to embodying an ethos of fairness and are always in contact with our factories to ensure that operations are running well for everyone involved. It also means the quality of our teas is maintained all the way from plant to cup.

Health benefits

Chai tea is a fantastic option for the health conscious thanks to its myriad benefits. Like many other teas, chai tea has a high antioxidant content, helping reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. It also possesses many anti-bacterial properties, can help improve circulation and help control cholesterol.

Chai tea has also been documented as being a great acne treatment, providing a tasty treat for those with skin worries. Perhaps most importantly of all, however, chai tea is the perfect winter warmer, offering a salve for those feeling under the weather when it gets a little chilly.

Our philosophy

At Tea Drop, we hope to embody a spirit of authenticity, bringing you authentic flavours and fine sensory experiences through our wide range of products. All of our offerings are high-end and well-crafted, with our enduring tea quality being one of our chief assets since we source in small batches so that our tea is 100% fresh.

Our products are all hand-picked and authentic, and are designed to maintain the traditional romance of tea while adding a new twist. In this way, our chai range are the perfect solution during winter for those who want a natural and authentic experience of what spiced tea should taste like.

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