Hand-picked tea

At Tea Drop, our range of hand-picked tea is assembled from the finest tea growers across the world. We take care to select only the finest hand-picked tea from our partners, ensuring each leaf is picked by hand which helps to prevent bruising of the delicate leaves. This ensures each cup of Tea Drop premium tea retains the delicate flavour and fragrance of our exotic leaves, helping to create the ultimate sensory experience for everyone to enjoy.

The finest quality ingredients from around the world

Our tea buying specialist scours the world to find the most flavoursome ingredients. We buy tea in small batches and ensure each batch is picked in-season to ensure the maximum flavour and aroma is retained and the tea is 100% fresh. Once picked every batch of tea is expertly blended by our master blender who combines years of tradition and knowledge to create the ultimate taste sensation.

The ultimate sensory experience

Each tea leaf has its own unique character, it is this that allows the tea experience to start the moment you open the tea pouch and your nose is filled with the rich aromas of the exotic herbs and spices used in the blending process. This sensory experience makes your mouth water at the prospect of tasting the rich and intense flavours as they pass over your tongue.

Our master blender uses his 10 plus years of experience blending premium tea leaves with a range of herbs and spices to create the ultimate sensory experience. These custom blends allow us to bring out the classic flavours of traditional loose leaf teas or create a contemporary blend that delivers a unique sensory experience such as our new turmeric teas.

Certified origin to cup

At Tea Drop, we ensure all our tea is sourced from certified tea growers around the globe. We have deep respect for our growing partners and always pay them a fair price for their leaves. This not only ensures we get the best quality leaves from the first harvest, it also helps them to operate in an ethical manner. We are a member of the Ethical Tea Membership which stands for improving the lives of tea workers and their environment.

Winter warmers

With winter just around the corner, why not try our chai lattes which are blended to provide welcome relief from the cold weather. Our chai powder, sticky chai and chai concentrate blended with aromatic spices and milk which results in a light, creamy sweet and spicy beverage perfect for warming you up on a cold winter's night.

Or try our turmeric latte, a sumptuous spicy drink perfect for spiriting away those winter blues. Turmeric has a host of health benefits including lowering cholesterol, decreasing inflammation, reducing the symptoms of heartburn, easing joint discomfort and boosting your immune system. So this is the perfect drink if you’re feeling a little under the weather.