Enjoy Luxury with Loose Leaf Tea

When it is time to sit back, relax and take a moment to yourself this winter, it is time to have a cup of Tea Drop loose leaf tea. Whether you want something fruity, something rich and luxurious or something more traditional, you can fight back the chilly weather with dozens of premium loose leaf teas.

Tea Drop is an ethically responsible company which works hand-in-hand with tea plantations and factories to constantly improve standards and give back to the community. Grown with the finest ingredients, handpicked, mixed and packed in one location, the rich flavours are locked away until opening, allowing for an intense flavour and aroma.

Tea Drop has combined the natural flavours of quality ingredients to create rich and luxurious loose leaf mixes such as Fruits of Eden, as well as bring new life to old favourites like Supreme Earl Grey tea. Keep warm this winter with White Spice, a rich and smooth spiced tea or dive straight into decadence with the aromatic Chocolate Rooibos tea, subtly spicy with chocolate and strawberry accents. Perfect for the cold weather, Tea Drop has also created a premium mix of Winter Wellness teas, including turmeric blends, to help keep the cold and flu season at bay.

With premium loose leaf tea, you have the control over creating a cup of tea unique to your tastes, no matter how strong, weak or how many cups you want. Enjoy your tea as it was prepared with care, precision and premium ingredients bursting with flavour.