The importance of providing quality hotel tea

Every hotelier worth his or her salt knows the importance of a welcoming room full of home comforts. Hotel tea is an especially vital product to stock up on in this regard, along with a decent working kettle, sugar, milk and, of course, a delicious pillow chocolate.

At Tea Drop, we supply establishments with top quality hotel tea, stylishly packaged to impress your visitors and fit in with the premium feel of your rooms.

A variety of top quality lifestyle teas

We believe that offering a variety of teas is a great way for hotel managers to demonstrate consideration for the needs and desires of their guests. Our selection of lifestyle teas, including black tea, green tea, herbal tea and many other flavours from around the globe, is sure to suit the taste of a wide range of guests.

Sensory and warming experiences

Our teas are a great way for guests to warm up after a long journey, particularly as the winter months draw near. What’s more, our selection of top quality and natural ingredients are perfectly blended to produce wonderful sensory experiences, reinvigorating visitors and getting them ready for the day ahead.

Ethical and transparent

At Tea Drop, we endeavour to make sure our production processes are transparent, simple and, most importantly, fair. We source the finest quality ingredients from around the globe while respecting our sources and the communities in which they reside.

We are committed to producing tea which truly embodies the modern tea experience while respecting the heritage of the tea ceremony and ritual. We are a member of the Ethical Tea Membership which stands for improving the lives of tea workers and their environment. By choosing us, hoteliers can demonstrate their alignment with these values.