Tea Drop Original Green Tea Matcha

Our Ceremonial Original Green Tea Matcha is available online and wholesale. To create a pure Japanese full flavoured matcha. It is so versatile that you can enjoy its unique umami flavour by infusing it with your favourite dishes in your menu, or to create a healthy, tasty matcha latte.

The ground leaf powder is shipped in small batches at the origin to maintain freshness on the journey from Japan and onwards to your cup which means the rich, full-umami flavour of the Matcha is carefully sealed and shipped until ready for use. Our Tea Drop Matcha shows a vibrant green colour, along with a sweet aroma and complex alluring taste. The beauty of matcha is found in the journey of the flavour profile: strong, upfront bitterness followed by descending into a long, lingering sweetness.

Our authentic matcha green tea is sourced from the Kikugawa-Shizuoka region of southern central Japan, known for green tea production. This region of Japan experiences a warm maritime climate, with characteristically hot humid summers and milder, cool winters and frequent fogs. The tea leaves are organic, shade-grown, stone ground and deveined and de-stemmed for purity. The leaves are picked, ground and packed quickly to maintain an unadulterated flavour. As a specialist tea supplier, we source the highest quality matcha from the region.

Whilst delivering the same caffeine and energy boost that you might get from your flat white or espresso, matcha offers a clean, calm, stable release of energy without the caffeine jolt and inevitable crash. This is why matcha powder is increasing in popularity from those who are looking for an ideal alternative to the wearing effects of daily coffee consumption. Buy Japanese Green Tea Matcha for a quality, steady source of energy. Matcha offers a number of detoxifying, metabolism boosting benefits and most significantly the powerful anti-oxidant.

We recommend brewing our Ceremonial Original Green Tea Matcha by whisking with water for a traditional hot green tea. You may also froth with milk for a matcha latte, a warming alternative to coffee. It’s recommended to use traditional Japanese tea tools such as a matcha bowl, matcha spoon and bamboo whisk.

We want to evolve the modern tea experience by taking the careful, ceremonial aspects of tea consumption and moving this still, calm experience into everyday life. It’s important, even if for five minutes a day, to take the time to carefully pour, brew and enjoy your tea as a respite from busy life. This ancient ritual is deeply respected not only in Japan but across global cultures. Our passion for tea, its heritage and history coupled with a desire to guide you through a modern tea experience means that we seek and provide the highest quality product for a well-crafted high-end tea experience. It’s something we’ve been doing for the last 12 years.

Harmony, respect, purity, and tranquillity

The matcha tea ceremony has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. It represents the harmony, respect, purity, and tranquillity of Japanese culture helping to promote bonding between tea drinkers and creating an environment within which to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

At Tea Drop, we embrace the matcha ceremony, it provides a welcome release from today's busy work schedules and allows customers to experience tea the way it should be. Our teas are blended in a way that allows you to make the most of this ceremony, ensuring you can drink them in peace and tranquillity away from the worries of the outside world.