Tea Drop slim teas

There's something incredibly therapeutic about wrapping your hands around a heart-warming mug of delicious tea. It’s an ancient ritual that still thrives today: the rich aroma, taste and warmth of a finely crafted blend of tea.
If you're aiming to lose weight and watch what you eat, healthy tea is the ideal accompaniment to your diet. Low in calories, our range of Chinese, green, oolong, pu erh and slim tea will keep you hydrated and feeling full while satisfying that desire for rich flavours. Tea is also thought to possess detoxifying properties and is rich in antioxidants to fight those free radicals. Whether your ritual involves a revitalising wellness tea to stave off flu and sniffles, or a modern twist along the lines of a chai or turmeric latte, there’s guaranteed to be a slim tea within Tea Drops range that will be perfect for you.

Tea Drop’s artisan slim tea blend is created from the finest ingredients, hand-picked from around the globe. We take pride and care in sourcing the ingredients for our unique tea blends, with respect for local growers, communities and their heritage. All products are grown, packed at the source, and shipped under certified processes, meaning freshness and quality by the time it reaches your cup are ensured.

You can be certain that when you buy Chinese, green, Oolong and slim tea from Tea Drop, you are investing in top quality - vibrant, perfect flavours and a sumptuous sensory experience. Enjoy the tradition and ceremony of the simple cup of tea, to share with friends, with family, or to savour alone.

Stay warm and keep it real this winter, with Tea Drop.