Tea Gift Sets

As a delicious and natural product with a fascinating heritage, tea can be an excellent gift for almost anyone for any occasion. Our tea gift sets are beautifully packaged and designed for special occasions, such as Christmas, mother’s day and Easter. The sets also give the feel of a truly premium product, and to show recipients the wide range of sensory experiences that different teas have to offer.

Great for cafes and restaurants

Our retail gift tin range are perfect for cafes and restaurants that already offer our top quality tea on their menus. By selling gift tins on the side, customers impressed by our teas will be able to recreate the cafe experience in their own home. What’s more, we bring our gift sets out before major holidays, which makes selling a selection of teas in one stylish box the perfect seasonal gift for a customers loved one.

The perfect gift for the winter season

As the cold nights draw in, tea can be the perfect way to warm up and relax. In this way, our tea gift tins are the perfect way for people to indulge in a comforting and sensory experience every night, while mixing it up with our range of delicious flavours.

Ethical, fair and modern

Most gift recipients will want to know that the products they receive are ethically sourced and fair trade. We are committed to being transparent about our production processes all the way from plant to cup, and can assure customers of our fair trade practices. We are a member of the Ethical Tea Membership which stands for improving the lives of tea workers and their environment.

By offering both luxury and an ethical ethos, we give customers the opportunity to embrace the modern tea experience.