Wholesale Tea

Our expert tea buyer continually searches the globe to find the finest quality artisan loose leaf tea growers. We take the tea leaves from these growers and blend them using our own recipe of herbs and spices to create a range of high-quality teas that deliver a premium taste and aroma.

Through our wholesale tea supply service, we make that same high-quality tea available to Specialty Coffee Roasters. That means you can now offer your customers high quality tea they will love while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Loose leaf tea from around the world

As a small company, we are able to source our teas from the best artisan tea growers around the world. Because we don’t buy in bulk we can take the very best leaves that growers have to offer which also keeps the tea 100% fresh. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new growers with interesting varieties we can add to our ever-growing collection.

For example, we are about to launch a new range of turmeric teas for winter which not only taste great but they contain all the health benefits of turmeric, including its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. All of which should help keep your customers fit and healthy during the cold winter months.

Why buy wholesale tea from us?

We buy our tea direct from growers enabling us to control the whole process from origin to cup. This not only helps us control quality it also ensures we pay our suppliers a fair price for all their hard work.

You can order our teas in small quantities allowing you to reduce your costs, keep the tea fresh and trial new teas without a major financial commitment.

We have our main café tea range for wholesale purchase and are constantly adding new blends and varieties so you and your customers will never get bored with our range of teas.

We are a small company that is easy to deal with and you can talk to our tea specialist who will assist you with your purchase. Basically, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.

Premium tea for everyone

As Australia’s leading tea wholesaler we can supply tea for all types of establishment from hotels and restaurants to café, bars and trade stalls. So no matter where you serve your customers they can benefit from premium quality tea bags and loose leaf tea that is blended by our own experts to create a range of distinctive delicious flavours to suit all palates.

We can also supply wholesale tea bags using the same blend as our loose leaf teas, allowing your customers to benefit from the same premium drinking experience as loose leaf tea drinkers. Whichever type you choose you can guarantee the highest quality tea at the best wholesale prices.

If you would like to introduce our range of teas to your customers contact us today and we’ll arrange for a selection of our blends to be sent out for you to try, along with a brewing guide to ensure that you get the optimum flavour of the tea. If you’re ready to place an order we don’t have any minimum order quantities so you can order as much or as little as you would like.

Our team is the most dedicated wholesale tea suppliers Australia has ever seen, so you can be sure we won’t let you or your customers down.