Tea Drop - the wholesale tea specialists

Have you noticed the ever-increasing chill in the air as winter creeps into every corner? It’s the time of year where you welcome your favourite cup of tea a little more passionately. Its fortifying warmth and distinct health benefits support you throughout windy, rainy days.

At Tea Drop, as specialists our aim is to be the gateway to the world of tea. We have travelled the world to bring your patrons culture, taste, luxury and wellness wrapped exquisitely for that perfect recess. Our new range of Chai and Turmeric blends for winter wellness are ideal to promote overall health whilst sitting back and sipping on deliciously prepared lattes and tisanes. Need a pick me up during the flu season? We have created enriching hand blended teas that are comforting and lift immunity.

Our products are more than inspiring, sensory experiences; they’re deeply supportive of the communities who help deliver a consistent quality. Tea Drop's processes are certified from source through to packaging and into your client's favorite cup. We pride ourselves on providing a premium experience. Tea Drop is a conscious cup of the modern tea experience. The simple philosophy behind our brand is to align with similar visions in the food service industry. As tea specialists we offer tea training, helping with customizing their menus, choosing the right teas for their establishment and offering the best teas for their café.