Pu Erh – What Makes this tea so special and healthy

Pu Erh – What Makes this tea so special and healthy

Pu Erh tea, pronounced “poo-air”, originates from the Yunnan Province of China and named after the town of Pu Erh where the tea was first cultivated. It still comes from the plant Camellia sinesis but has a completely different processing method and taste to other tea types. It is known to be a tea full of benefits both to the palate and body. Explore and buy Pu Er tea.

The Process

Cultivated from a larger leaf strain of camellia sinensis “Dayeh”. These ancient tea trees with matured leaves are known to be between 500 and 1000 years old. These trees are grown in pleasant regions and can be harvested all year-round, but some experts say the best time to harvest is mid-spring.

There are two types of Pu-erh teas: Raw Pu-erh (Sheng) and Ripe Pu-erh (Shou).

The raw Pu Erh method is made from green tea leaves that are processed in the green tea method. Then the dried tea is compressed into cakes and balls and then aged in a dark location, often for many years. During this time the tea undergoes a form of oxidation caused by the growth of yeast on the tea. The tea is lighter and bright yellow when brewed. The leaves are dark green when dry and boast a mild, slight sweet after taste flavour profile.

The ripe Pu Erh method is made from black tea leaves and is processed the same as raw Pu Erh until the compressing stage. The ripe Pu Erh goes through a process called piling, where the leaves are placed in piles of 25 to 30 inches in height. The leaves are then sprayed with water and covered with a linen cloth which increases the speed of oxidation and changes the colour and flavour of the tea. This tea has a deep amber colour when brewed.

The aging process allows the Pu Erh teas to improve with age like fine wine and is said to retain their freshness for up to fifty years.


Conditions and environmental factors can influence the flavour profile of pu-erh tea. Smooth, fruity, peaty, grassy, musky, herbal and earthy are the flavour characteristics of this delightful tea.

Best times to drink 

Pu Erh tea has caffeine and by drinking a cup in the morning or early afternoon, can help increase energy levels. If maintaining weight loss goals, the best time to consume a cup will be one hour after a meal.

How to brew

This tea is traditionally brewed at a higher temperature and can be steeped multiple times to experience the different flavour profiles of the tea.

  1. Preheat your teapot and all utensils by swirling with a little hot water and discard. This is to ensure your tea steeps precisely at the proper temperature and use the right amount of water for brewing.
  2. Place 5g of Pu Erh loose leaf in tea pot.
  3. Rinse the leaves by pouring a little hot water over them, swirl, and discard this "wash". This removes any small pieces of debris and coaxes the leaves to unfurl to be ready for steeping.
  4. Fill the teapot with 350ml hot water at 95 to 100 Celsius. Do not use boiling hot water as it can result in bitter flavours.
  5. The steeping time of a Pu-erh tea is generally 1 to 2 minutes. If you want to experience the different flavour profiles of the tea, you can brew the tea up to 3 times. 1st brew - 2 mins, 2nd brew - 3 mins, and 3rd brew - 4 mins.

Pu Erh Tea Benefits

Along with a wide range of flavours and varieties, just one cup of Pu Erh can boost your overall health – but how?  Here’s the breakdown of Pu Erh Tea benefits:

  • Supporting your digestion — Regarded by some as a “functional food”, it is excellent after a meal to help with digestion. Believed to encourage bowel movement, this tea may even aid with relieving constipation. Being lightly fermented, it is also said to provide a helpful boost to your overall digestive system health.
  • Encouraging improved blood circulation — Full of antioxidants, drinking Pu-erh regularly can act to support your blood in absorbing and carrying more oxygen around the body and to all our organs.
  • Aiding in mitigating migraines and headaches — By offering a calming and relaxing effect paired with its role in encouraging optimal blood circulation and its obvious hydrating powers, this tea is a great choice for those who suffer from painful headaches.
  • Reducing free radicals — Also due to its antioxidant content, Pu-erh tea can assist in our bodies’ fight to control and limit free radicals and their damaging effects.
  • Losing weight — If you are working on shaking off a few extra kilos, then add drinking Pu-erh tea to your healthy diet and exercise routine. Some studies have indicated that this tea plays a role in reducing your bodies’ ability to synthesize fatty acids, which would help in your dieting effort.
  • Lowering your cholesterol level — While this claim is still not scientifically proven, some early studies have shown that Pu-erh tea contains small amounts of lovastatin (a chemical found in prescription medicine used to lower cholesterol). Created during the fermentation process, more research needs to be done to definitively prove this health benefit of drinking this tea.
  • Increase Energy – Due to the caffeine in this tea, drinking a cup can increase your energy levels and help you focus and get through the day. 

Go Pu Erh tea

Unearth the new flavours, taste the difference, and discover the joy that drinking Pu Erh brings to your energy, mood, and health. This fermented and aged tea is one for the true tea connoisseurs. So, buy Pu Erh tea today.