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The perfect cup of tea starts with the right tools to brew it.

The perfect cup of tea starts with the right tools to brew it. Discover the ultimate tea tool accessories perfect for storing, brewing and keeping your cuppa hot or cold when you’re on the go.

Explore the range of tea tools from Tea Drop

Whether you’re a meticulous brewer who loves their tea tool accessories, a sipper who takes pride in storing your tea just so, or are just looking for that perfect teapot or mug, you’ll find just the thing to perfect your tea drinking ritual in our online store. From fine tea tools for brewing matcha to tea accessories to elevate your morning routine, we’ve got you covered.

How can I enjoy my tea when I’m travelling?

Some of our most popular tea tools are our thermos and travel mugs, designed to give you the perfect brew, while also maintaining the temperature of your tea. Whether it’s a piping hot English Breakfast or an iced green tea that you prefer, you’ll find the perfect vessel to enjoy it on the go in our collection.

Unlike traditional thermoses, our travel mugs have two-way tea leaf compartments to give you complete control over your infusion time.  Whether you’re commuting on the road, at work or off to your favourite outdoor spot, say goodbye to bitter or under brewed tea and start enjoying your favourite tea blends wherever you are.

All the tea accessories you need for the perfect cuppa

Our tea specialists are obsessed with making the perfect brew, exploring 100% fresh tea blends and bringing the art of the ancient tea-making ceremony into our modern lives, for a moment of tranquillity in your busy day. To find out more about our artisanal teas and tea accessories, come in to see us at the Brew Bar in Melbourne or drop us a line today!