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Packed with natural sweetness, each infusion has a unique blend of stoned and tropical fruits.

If you’re a tea drinker, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve enjoyed a steaming hot cup of black tea at some point. Discovered in China in the mid 17th century and adopted by Western civilisation over 500 years ago, it is now perhaps the most famous and popular type of tea in the world. Black tea leaves are served and enjoyed in many blends, in many different ways. A dash of milk for a breakfast brew, or simply hot water poured over something more flavoured, whichever way you drink yours, we have the best selection of black loose tea leaves waiting to be selected by you. Popular types of black tea While black tea in general can be found in lots of tea blends, there are a few that remain the most popular worldwide. A great option for those looking for an alternative to coffee, black tea contains caffeine but at a lower quantity. Some full bodied and strong in flavour, others with hints of citrus and florals; all of our black tea leaves are hand-picked with care, ensuring each cup you drink is fresh and of the highest quality. English Breakfast Tea – perhaps the most traditional of all black teas, typically served in the morning or afternoon with a splash of milk, and sugar for those with a sweet tooth! Enjoy a smooth elegant finish with this brew, a popular choice for all. Earl Grey Tea – Take a  moment to sit back and enjoy one of our aromatic and flavourful Earl Grey teas. Perfect for any time, and season of the day. Supreme Earl Grey - a beautifully balanced traditional earl grey with a citrus balance. Or fragrant and fruity, our french earl grey invites a pleasant melange of rose, bergamot and summer fruits to meander on your taste buds. Darjeeling Tea - This is a classic traditional Indian Tea blend – best enjoyed as a pure black tea, it is delicately floral with notes of musky spiciness and mild flowery tones.  Can we interest you in a cup? Shop online with Tea Drop today and choose from our selective range of hand-picked, ethically sourced  black loose leaf teas. Sourced directly from its origins, for you to enjoy a fresh cup of tea at home, any time of the day.