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Green Tea

Our delicate green teas boast a refined and vibrant range of flavour profiles with all the healthy benefits of antioxidants.

Here at Tea Drop, we're proud to offer the best tea varieties in Australia. Our extensive tea collection features many artisanal and delicious flavours, one of which is the elegant green tea.

Did you know green tea actually comes from the same plant as black teas? It stays green because it is heated quickly after picking to prevent oxidation. As you may well know, green tea is one of the healthiest types of tea on the planet. Depending on its variety, it can have a bit of a bitter aftertaste, or it can taste delectably sweet.

That’s why it’s vital to choose right when picking your favourite blend. Our delicate green teas boast a refined and vibrant range of flavour profiles with all the healthy benefits of antioxidants.

Chock-Full of Nutrients

Did you know that green tea is the king of nutrients? That’s why it has a very special place in our wellness collection.

It comes with numerous minerals, vitamins, and other antioxidants that are necessary for your overall health. All those antioxidants can also support the health of your skin.

Green tea also has theanine, an amino acid that aids in lowering blood pressure, protects nerve cells, and produces relaxation effects. Furthermore, it has catechins that can improve your metabolism and help maintain a healthy weight.

Now you can’t wait to make yourself a cuppa, can you? Here at Tea Drop, you can buy premium and fresh green tea online.

The Finest Green Teas with a Refined Flavour

All of our green teas are ethically sourced and treated with care. Our master blender, packing decades of knowledge and family traditions, carefully tests every single batch for purity and quality. We always source only seasonal and small-batch leaves and produce, so that the tea is in prime fresh condition for serving.


What is the main benefit of green tea?

Green tea is known for its high content of antioxidants, specifically catechins, which are known to help prevent cell damage and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Additionally, green tea has been shown to improve brain function, boost metabolism, and aid in weight loss. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

How many cups of green tea a day?

One of the most common questions people have about green tea is how much they should drink each day. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, experts generally recommend drinking 2-3 cups of green tea per day. This amount is enough to reap the many benefits of green tea, including improved brain function, fat loss, lower risk of cancer and heart disease, and improved dental health. It's important to note that drinking too much green tea can have negative side effects, so it's best to stick to a moderate amount. Overall, incorporating green tea into your daily routine can be a great way to boost your health and well-being.

What is green tea extract?

Green tea extract is a concentrated form of green tea that is high in antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds. It is often used in dietary supplements for weight loss or other health purposes.

Is green tea good for health?

Yes, green tea is known for its many health benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing cholesterol, aiding in burning fat, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Green tea is also known to aid weight loss, control glucose, and promote bone density.

Does green tea help with weight loss?

Yes, regular consumption of green tea is known to aid in weight loss. This is due to its metabolism-boosting properties and ability to aid in fat burning.

What are the side effects of green tea?

Green tea is generally safe for most people when consumed in moderate amounts. However, excessive consumption can lead to side effects such as insomnia, irritability, stomach upset, and headaches. It is also important to note that green tea can interact with certain medications, so it is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming green tea regularly.

How do I brew green tea?

To brew green tea, bring water to a boil and let it cool for a few minutes. Add green tea leaves to a tea strainer or infuser and place it in a cup. Pour the hot water over the leaves and steep for 1-3 minutes, depending on the desired strength. Remove the tea leaves and enjoy!

What is the healthiest green tea?

Matcha green tea is considered the healthiest option because it contains ten times more antioxidants than ordinary green tea. Matcha is also more nutrient-dense and contains three times more epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) than the average green tea.