Reasons to drink Matcha tea

Reasons to drink Matcha tea

What is Matcha?

What is matcha and why is it different from regular green tea?

Matcha is made from finely grounded green tea leaves. Unlike regular green tea, where you throw away the leaves after brewing, with Matcha you consume the entire tea leaf and all its goodness.

About our matcha

Coming right from the heart of the magical Shizuoka prefecture in Japan’s Tenryu Region. Our matcha is harvested by expert farmers, it’s made from shade-grown leaves that have been stone ground, deveined and packed right at the source to preserve the subtle vegetal notes while leaving a lingering sweetness in your mouth.

Matcha Benefits

Why is matcha good for you and what are matcha benefits? Did you know that matcha is the yummiest way to promote good health?

Matcha is rich in catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea that act as natural antioxidants. Matcha’s antioxidants can be up to 137 times greater than that in regular green tea.

  • Boosts immunity
  • Gives you a clean energy kick, without the anxiety, crash or jitters
  • Aids in weight loss as matcha burns calories
  • Healthy alternative to coffee
  • Great for your skin. You can even make a matcha face maskand use it in all sorts of ways for beauty and skin care. 

Two types of Matcha


  • Ceremonial green Matcha - Known as our highest grade matcha. Using the traditional Japanese method of drinking tea, you consume this matcha straight on its own immediately after whisking.
  • Pure organic culinary Matcha - Naturally sweet and mild, best served with steam milk as a matcha latte or used to create delicious desserts or baked goodies.

So, start the day right, with this full flavoured superfood - staying healthy has never tasted so delicious! Explore our range of matcha and matcha accessories to create an authentic matcha experience.