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Perhaps it would be more apt to spell it Ooooh-long as that’s how you’ll react to your first lingering, rewarding sip. Somewhere between green and black, oolong teas range from floral to sweet to woody in flavour and are characteristically smooth on the palate. A sophisticated tea that will bring out the connoisseur in you.

But before you start exploring our premium oolong tea online, let’s take a sneak peek into its wonderful benefits.

A Health Booster with a Sophisticated Taste 

Although not as popular as its green and black counterparts, oolong tea comes with the same health benefits. 

It’s perfect for your heart health, brain, gut health, sleep, bone health, and blood pressure. It’s also great for your teeth and can improve your metabolism. Were you looking to lose some extra pounds? Oolong tea it is!

Ethically Sourced, Handpicked Oolong Tea

All of our oolong teas are ethically sourced and treated with care. Our master blender, packing decades of knowledge and family traditions, carefully tests every single batch for purity and quality. We always source only seasonal and small-batch leaves and produce, so that the tea is in prime fresh condition for serving.