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They’re here: Brand New Wellness Teas

Say hello to Cold Rescue and Sleepy Tea - the two delicious new additions to our Winter Wellness Range.

Aromatic and oh-so flavoursome, these soothing blends will help boost winter wellness and aid in improving your overall well-being with each steaming and satisfying sip.

So relax your body and calm your mind with a cosy cuppa of these new wellness teas.

Cold Rescue - To battle the winter sneezes

A wild concoction of elements like Elder Flower & licorice, this delicious natural tonic will beat those winter-time sniffles. It’s a bold blend infused with healing herbs and vibrant spices to drive the blues away and promote healing with each refreshing sip.


Sleepy Tea  - For nights in Dreamland

Light on the senses and enchanting for the mind, body and soul, this delicate blend is the perfect remedy for sleepless nights. A minty tea that’s infused with valerian root, tangy citrus, with sweet yet floral undertones, a cuppa of this calming blend will help promote relaxation for a more rejuvenating night's sleep.