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You're fav best sellers our back in our Christmas range.
Wrapped in unique festive packaging, the perfect gift for everyone.


Get your Teas in time for Christmas!

As we are leading up to the traditionally busy peak period, please ensure to place your orders early, to make sure you get your tea deliveries in time for Christmas.

Christmas in Melbourne

The rich velvety overtones of vanilla that hugs you with the
warm glow of Christmas sparkles with hints of berry and rosehip.


Featuring a delightful range of tea gift bundles for the season that will warm the soul. Tick off your Christmas shopping list early.

Our tea tools ensure the perfect brew everytime

const tea_tools_list = []; tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Tea Maker', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'tea-maker', "desc": 'Our Tea Maker is the perfect tool for brewing your fave teas. Watch as the tea leaves unfurl, the colour of the brew & the flavour profiles that emerge.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Untitled_design_11_14a41c60-0e59-49b3-9aae-9addd07a8c53.jpg?v=1666243591' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Brew Stick', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'brew-stick', "desc": 'Like to jiggle it? This brew stick offers all sophistication of loose-leaf with the humble convenience of a tea bag.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Untitled_design_12_d32315ff-f5cc-41b3-a573-df847e01e5f5.jpg?v=1666243959' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'STORAGE TINS', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'storage-tin-sky-blue', "desc": 'Perfect for storing all your favourite blends, tea bags and loose leaf, our colourful tea containers truly make a statement.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Untitled_design_13_09bbf1e0-8905-4827-b61f-939abe257d60.jpg?v=1666244424' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Ming Infuser Mug', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'red-ming-infuser-mug', "desc": 'What better way to keep you energized during your working day, than to keep this handy mug on your desktop to mix and match your favourite brews?', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Untitled_design_14.jpg?v=1666244604' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Travel Mug', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'pao-thermo-mug-slim-rose-beige', "desc": 'For the Tea Lovers who never sit still. From work, to the gym, to everywhere in-between.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Untitled_design_15_2f0d32ff-104a-4272-8854-2765dd08e807.jpg?v=1666244936' }); window.tea_tools_items = tea_tools_list;

Gift cards make the best gifts

An e-gift card lets the tea lover in your life pick their faves .

const gift_card_list = [];
gift_card_list.push({ "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/New_GIft_Cards_Op_A.png?v=1669260214', "handle": '' });
window.gift_card_list = gift_card_list;

festive recipes

const blog_posts_list = []; blog_posts_list.push({ "title": 'Chai Cinnamon Roll', "handle": 'chai-spiced-cinnamon-roll', "desc": 'If you are obsessed with cinnamon rolls as we are and love the flavours of chai, with this recipe you can taste Christmas all year long.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/chris_cards_pg.jpg?v=1666288713' }); blog_posts_list.push({ "title": 'Matcha Tiramisu', "handle": 'matcha-tiramisu', "desc": 'We decided to give this classic recipe a little Tea Drop twist by switching out the coffee with our very own Tea Drop Matcha.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/chris_cards_pg_1.jpg?v=1666288883' }); blog_posts_list.push({ "title": 'Chai Eggnog', "handle": 'chai-eggnog', "desc": 'Eggnog is one of those drinks that you just can’t explain how it tastes like to someone other than just that it tastes wonderfully like Christmas.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/chris_cards_pg_2.jpg?v=1666288992' }); blog_posts_list.push({ "title": 'Chai Pancakes', "handle": 'fluffy-yummy-chai-pancakes', "desc": 'Spice up your breakfast with this simple and easy recipe for some light, fluffy and flavorful pancakes, using our very own Tea Drop Chai Concentrate.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/chris_cards_pg_3.jpg?v=1666289091' }); blog_posts_list.push({ "title": 'Tea Infused Ice Cream', "handle": 'tea-infused-ice-cream-for-summer', "desc": 'Looking for a summer treat? These tea infused ice cream pops are perfect!', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/chris_cards_pg_4.jpg?v=1666289242' }); window.blog_posts_items = blog_posts_list;