Da Hong Pao

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China, Fujian Wuyi

The scenic mountainous region of Wuyishan is home to Wuyi Oolong. Stretching along the northernmost border of the Jiangxi province, the mountains of Wuyi are home to 36 soaring peaks and the beautiful Nine Bend Creek – a river that undulates through the wild terrain. Tea sustains life here, there are tea gardens and teahouses dotted throughout the region, run by the Wuyi mountain people. Wuyishan has become an Ecological Preserve, and is now protected from development – there are also laws in place to ensure tea production is environmentally sustainable. The abundance of native forest that flourishes here as a result, has created a beautiful habitat for birds and insects. This has encouraged the production of polyphenols in the tea, which generate a distinctive, rich flavour.