Jasmine Oolong

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China, Guangxi Hengxian

Combining the most beautiful fresh jasmine pods and tea from the best growing regions, our Jasmine Oolong tea is processed through multiple scenting crafts.  The jasmine hails from from Hengxian, Guangxi, and the oolong is from Anxi, Fujian.  Anxi is known as the capital of tea in Fujian, with an environment perfect for tea and a history of tea production that stretches over 1000 years. The Jasmine on the other hand comes from the ‘the city of Chinese jasmine’, Hengxian in Guangxi. It’s a renown for both quality and yield. The tea combines these two beautiful ingredients and is prepared using ancient methods – the tea absorbs the fragrance of the jasmine flower during the baking process, meaning no chemical additives are necessary