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At Tea Drop, we search the world for the best, and most flavoursome and interesting ingredients to create the ultimate experience for tea enthusiasts. As tea specialists our aim is to be the gateway to the world of tea, creating memorable blends for everyone to enjoy and explore. While our passionate artisanal team scours the world to bring you the best tea, we have a small-picture approach when it comes to sourcing. All of our leaves are hand picked, ethically sourced and treated with care, and every batch is tasted and approved by our master blender who brings decades of family traditions and knowledge. We ensure the conditions are perfect for growing and picking so that the most flavoursome and sensorial tea is created for you. We always source only seasonal and small batch leaves and produce, so that the tea is in prime, fresh conditions for drinking. Our enthusiasm for tea comes from a long line of happy tea growers in our family. It is with pure joy that we ensure the tradition continues. 

Speaking of tradition, we’ve been doing this day-in day-out for 12 years. In 2015, for our 10th birthday, we gifted ourselves our first ever bricks and mortar store and this is where we really get to be tea-mad. Here we make custom blends, brew tea at optimum temperatures and serve it how it should be served: In the company of good people and inside nice cups. Please visit us in store, but if you can’t find everything you need is right here online.

Remember tea is healthy, it brings us together and each cup tells the story of its origin. So enjoy it.