Our Top Teas For Spring

Our Top Teas For Spring

Sniffle saviours, energy enhancers, fruity fusions – here are the teas that shine in spring.

Do you feel that seasonal change in the air, too? Warmer days are beginning to arrive, with soft breezes sweeping over vibrant blooms; and there’s no better way to welcome spring than with cups of light, flavourful tea. 

Whether you’re looking to soak up hot, fruity notes, or craving a cold brew for those sunny spring afternoons, we have the perfect cup waiting for you. 


With spring comes the sniffles (hello, hayfever) – but luckily for you, that’s where our delicious Rooibos range really shines. Originating from South Africa, the Rooibos plant contains natural antioxidants with immunity-boosting properties, resulting in supercharged brews to fight those ah-choo’s – each with a mild, earthy, yet slightly sweet flavour. 

Choose from African Sunset and Parisian Vanilla


When thinking “spring”, blossoms and greenery float to the top of mind: that’s why Green Tea is another spring essential in our books. Its antioxidants, light flavours and floral notes are a perfect recipe for boosting energy on a warm spring day. 

Shop our two favourites Spring Green and Strawberry Green


Due to its minimal processing, white tea is renowned as one of the most gentle tea varieties; the exact sort of delicate brew that is best celebrated in the warmer months. White tea’s smooth, silky texture has made it a spring staple among tea connoisseurs.

Here are the ones we love most, White Berry Forest and Cream of Earl Grey


It’s impossible to talk about seasonal teas without touching on the spring classics: floral and fruity notes. Made with bouquets of the finest flowers and real fruit, our beautiful floral and fruit teas will not only fill your spring with flavour, but also tea-se the fast approaching summer. 

Shop our Floral and Fruit teas