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Winter Warmers

Embrace the cozy comfort of winter. Wrap your hands around our
immune-boosting wellness teas and lattes, the perfect winter warmers.


Indulge in the ultimate winter treat with our
latte collection. Perfect for the cold season.

const tea_tools_list = []; tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Turmeric Latte', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'turmeric-latte', "desc": 'A bold taste in a cup that you will feel nourished by a hot latte', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/2.png?v=1684909676' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Sticky Chai', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'honey-spice-sticky-chai', "desc": 'Made right in the heart of Melbourne, this artisanal chai brew is blended in small batches and infused with whole leaf black tea, authentic spices and red gum honey, sourced from the flourishing Redgum forests of Australia.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/3.png?v=1684909676' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Organic Matcha', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'organic-matcha-latte', "desc": 'Coming right from the heart of the magical Shizuoka prefecture in Japan’s Tenryu Region, this single origin pure matcha is an elevated drinking experience.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/1.png?v=1684909676' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Hot Chocolate', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'drinking-chocolate', "desc": 'Our premium drinking chocolate comes perfectly blended with the finest West African cocoa powder and raw Australian cane sugar for a melt-in-the-mouth drinking .experience', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/42_COCOA_Artisan_Drinking_Chocolate.png?v=1715924302' }); tea_tools_list.push({ "title": 'Chai Concentrate', "stock_availability": 'true', "handle": 'chai-concentrate', "desc": 'Our Chai Concentrate is a slow brewed blend of whole leaf single origin black tea, fresh spices and kithul treacle; a traditional Sri Lankan ingredient known as the maple syrup of the East.', "image": '//www.teadrop.com.au/cdn/shop/files/Chai_Concentrate_5.png?v=1715924422' }); window.tea_tools_items = tea_tools_list;


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